Dr Ahmed Al Zaiter

Sovereign Global Partnership will maintain excellence in advice and provide consultancy services and technology to manage the operational risks of its clients specific business activities.

Ahmed Al Zaiter is the group CEO and founder of SGP Capital, Sovereign Global Partnership and ACAL Corporation.

He earned his degrees in Engineering Management, Financial Institutions, (MBA, PhD) in Forensic Accounting from UK and USA universities. Ahmed is a member of the Association of Financial Accountants; a Tax Advisor and public accountant and has been serving accounts for over 30 years and been part of the institute of financial advisors for 18 years.

Sovereign Global Partnership will operate in a competitive environment developing open and co-operative relationships with its clients whilst delivering effective solutions to maximise return on investment.

Sovereign Global Partnership is an independent Investment and Management Consultancy corporation specialising in all facets of green Industries, Media and Marketing, Information technology and Business Development Service.

SGP Capital is an independent Private Investment and Management Consultancy corporation, specialising in all facets of accountancy services, payroll bureau, business offshore and subcontracting businesses, Green Industries, Media and Marketing, Information technology, Property Management, Business Recovery & Turnaround and Business Development Service.

SGP Capitals success may be attributed to the integration of business and technology services with traditional business care. It’s expertise in business development gives us a competitive advantage on an ever-evolving industry.