With our years of experience and our own research in to renewable energy we have the ability and knowledge to advise on ideas that would work to promote a greener business, lowering your company’s eco foot print.


SGP Energy has performed its own research into producing ‘Green’ bio-diesel fuel from Jatropha beans. “Jatropha has an extremely high oil content and tends to come from third world countries which don’t have much rainfall, where it thrives. The plants need very little looking after but the oil itself is inedible. But it will run

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Bio-energy Consultants

SGP Energy’s power experts have experience in all different aspects of bio-energy for; the transport sector (biofuels) or the power generation sector (biofuels, biogas and biomass). Bio-energy is a wide spectrum that covers all types of energy that is plant based. Bio-energy is a hugely underutilised resource around the world but is going to become

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