About us

By utilising the natural environments of the North African and Middle Eastern desert regions; SGP Energy (SGE) is in negotiations with a number of Governments in these areas to research, develop and implement a green project over 10 million acres of Jatropha cultivation.

Mission / Vision / Aim

The company will create momentum through critical mass and brand recognition. SGP Energy (SGE) will monitor the effectiveness of its marketing efforts in order to determine the advertising return on investment and the commerce generated from the various channels.

Specialty (Why Choose Us)

SGE has amassed a huge portfolio of information on Jatropha and its production from large scale plantations. Working with various universities and specialist research labs, SGE now has collated the latest research into developing double yielding Jatropha trees. This propriety information makes SGE one of the strongest “expert” companies in its field.

Our Partners